Apr 20, 2014
True Grit

I'm on the last 25 hours of my assignments being due to pass my way into year 3.

I am on the brink of failure or a test that will show true grit.

I have bought supplies for the day and rearranged my space.

I bought a monster energy drink, barbecue chips, tuna and some rice.

I think I'm good to just do the dishes and blog away as I descend into a storm of work.

I am thinking of her that speaks of Helvetica.

Posted at 08:45 am by gerrardthor
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A man walks into a bar . . .

And orders a helvetica on the rocks. The sexy lass behind the bar pours him a glass. And says that's a tall order. She begins to discuss her love for the drink named helvetica, and the man quirks his eye. ---------------------- A girl professes her love for helvetica, and I am deluded into thinking she's flirting with me.

Posted at 08:42 am by gerrardthor
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To be frank...

The point of this blog isn't to attract followers. The point of this blog isn't to express the mind. If either one of these are somehow fulfilled then que sera sera. I am a firm believer that graphic design is a force in society. Design does not change the world, but graphic designers can change the world. In fact our world is enslaved by a corpotocracy that sways the masses using mind control techniques, designed out, to dull the mind. Designed out is the key word. A logo is a command to drink this, or wear that. I want to create new commands that short circuit themselves, they contradict themselves, they cause your nonthinking self to suddenly think for itself. I want to create new worlds, and let them be manifested. I am a graphic designer.

Posted at 08:39 am by gerrardthor
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